Context – Applications

This project has been initially launched based on requirements formulated by manufacturers of Carbon/Carbon Composites (C/C) (or CF(R)C for Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Carbons). Such materials are simultaneously lightweight, mechanically resistant and tough, and very good heat conductors even at very high temperatures. They may be used up to 3000°C!

See below some application fields:

  • Space Propulsion : Rocket booster nozzle and throat

    Ariane V lifting off
    Ariane V lifting off
    Ariane V booster throat and divergent
  • F1 and aircraft braking

    C/C Brakes
    C/C Brakes
  • Nuclear Fusion Technology:Tokamak first wall armour

    Tokamak 1st wall “CFC” protection tiles: here on the floor
  • Thermal Protection Systems (TPS) for atmospheric reentry

    Reentry heat shield
    Reentry heat shield
  • High-temperature furnace parts

    C/C crucibles for the production of Si monocrystals by the Czochralski crystal pulling technique
  • Biomaterials :heart valves, knee prostheses, etc ..

    Carbon Heart Valve
    Pyrocarbon-coated heart valve
    Carbon Knee Prosthesis
    Carbon knee prosthesis

So, what about the nanotexture of pyrocarbons ?

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